Fine Drinks & Snacks

Raw - Vegan - Bio - Functional 

ROY Kombucha - Bio & Handcrafted

ROY is a Berlin-based Kombucha brewery that was founded in the summer of 2019 and handcrafts high-quality, organic Kombucha. Naturally refreshing and energizing ROY is made with highest-quality teas and full of organic acids and B vitamins.

HAKUMA Matcha Iced Tea

HAKUMA Premium Tea Drinks is the world‘s first iced tea drink combining micro-grind tea leaves matcha with juicy fruits from all around the world. HAKUMA processes the whole tea leaf and brings the best ingredients pure and unfiltered.

D'UVA bio, no sugar juice

It is the simplest things that make life better, and they know it well at D'UVA, that's why you will not find dyes, preservatives or added sugars in their gourmet grape juices, but only pure organic fruit as nature creates. Rediscover the pleasure of sincere and totally natural taste.

Firefly - Botanical Drinks

Delicious drinks that are expertly crafted from still water, fruit juice, and blended with botanical extracts, giving the perfect combination of flavour, refreshment and elegance. No added Sugar - No Artificial Ingredients - Vegan Friendly.

HOLYSHOT - organic functional shots!

Holyshot has been specially designed for consumers who are looking for convenient and healthy options. Ideal for on the go, HOLYSHOT's Organic Shots are packed with vitamins & antioxidants. A delicious boost for your immune system without added sugars.

Leafwell Cold Brew Organic Ice Tea

The journey to organic Leafwell goodness begins with taking the best fruits, tea and other organic ingredients and immersing them in pure cold water. Then we just let it work its magic, by preserving the natural properties and flavors of the organic product. Thanks to this “cold brew” process, the bitterness and the caffeine content is also significantly reduced. To end on a sweet note, we add a tiny but delicious pinch of cane sugar!

Bio-Organic - Low Calories - No Preservatives - Fair Trade Tea Leaves

Belvoir premium soft drinks!

Premium soft drinks, Crafted with Nature; that’s what Belvoir Farm is all about. Refreshingly real and reassuringly delicious, there’s artistry in their still cordials and lightly sparkling soft drinks. Each are made using simple ingredients, carefully selected – including their own organic elderflower -with natural fruits, hand-picked flowers, fresh juices and spices.

SEICHA sparkling Matcha Tea

When Matcha combines with fruits, not only does the tongue tingle, but also the spirit - so intense that even the last taste buds dance Matcha-Cha.
Cold Brew - 100% Plant Based - Vegan

WOSTOK Bio Soft Drinks

Carbonated organic soft drinks in bold flavor combinations. With high content of fruit juice and sweetener with agave syrup.

About us

Macarn was founded in 2015 in the small town of Skærbæk in southern Jutland. A married couple, Jan and Camilla Kruse Hansen, started to experiment with making organic fizzy drinks in their own kitchen. They had a clear concept. They wanted to make Danish organic fizzy drinks, using an abundance of excellent ingredients and with nothing artificial added. The Macarn brand was born.

Naturfrisk Organic Sodas & Smoothies

The Naturfrisk Group firmly believes that natural is best. That is why all their products are organic. All ingredients are free of pesticides, artificial colourants, flavour enhancers or anything else unnatural. Why did they make that choice? Because they believe that organic products simply taste better, and that they are best for people, animals and plants.


Moonpop Snacks target the conscious consumer with healthy, organic popcorn, veggie flips (Curls) and vegetable chips (Veggiez).

John John handcrafted potato crisps & roots

Natural and extraordinarily good! Gluten Free and GMO Free.


ERIZA is a selection of fine organic delicacies. ERIZA mission is to shape and lead the trend of organic and natural products with high quality ingredients driven by sustainability and true relationships. ERIZA aspires to be the platform for small scale producers and brands that challenge the norms of the food business.

About us

Our Scope

Purity Green was created in 2021 with the intention of offering healthy and gourmet products to the Delicatessen, Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants of the Greek market.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the search for healthy, high-quality products, with elegant and innovative image.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the trend of natural ‘better-for-you’ products with high quality ingredients driven by a sustainable and true vision.

Contact us

We are always happy to meet new people. Write to us, call us or just pass by from our showroom! 

TEl: +30 211 409 8223
Showroom: leoforos irakliou 400, neo iraklio, athens, greece